The Blue Knights International Motorcycle Club now have over 636 chapters world wide, with over 20,550 members both active and retired from Law Enforcement.
The Blue Knights started back in 1974 in the USA, however by 1978 the Blue Knights formed its first Australian Chapter known as Blue Knights Australia.
In 2019 the new Victorian / Tasmania chapter was created, this was now the 7th chapter in Australia, it is now known as Blue Knights Australia VII or BKAUSVII for short. The VII chapter has grown the past year and is nearing 60 members already to date (2020) from all areas of Vic / Tasmania.
Being in the Blue Knights is not just like any club, it is exclusively Law Enforcement, (Police, Corrections, Sheriffs, Border Force, Military Police) which means you can relax with like minded people who share the same experiences and daily routines as you do, this means we understand each other and can be there for each other during difficult times.
As a club we organise regular bike rides, some are local while others can be far afield and even into other states. Because it is a Social club, partners and kids are also welcome making it a fully family affair.
If you meet the criteria and would like to join us, then use the link at the top to go to our recruitment page, or alternatively CLICK HERE to go direct to the page. Below is our community Facebook page, feel free to visit us and ask us some questions about joining, we will only be to happy to help.

Who are the blue knights ?

The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club started in the USA in 1974.
Click to read how it all started in 1974

In Australia the Blue Knights have been running since 1978 and have slowly been growing in strength. Click on the link to the Australia Blue Knights Home page

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First Ride After COVID 19

George and Dan just after covid lockdown

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This is what the blue knights are all about, We are family in more ways than you could imagine,

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Due to no wall to wall ride this year (2020) we did do a local memorial ride